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Will you protect my driveway?
Yes. Our containers are equipped with rear rollers.  Each driver will also have wood planks to be placed under the bin before drop off.

How high can I fill the bin?
A bin can be loaded to the top rail, always making it easy to cover the bin with a tarp upon removal.

Can I place the bin on the road or on my lawn?
A bin may be placed anywhere, providing it follows all local and municipal laws.  Street permits can be obtained from your local city hall.

Do you supply lids with all of your bins?
All bin sizes are open top.

If I fill this bin and need another, what is the cost?
Each bin is subject to additional cost.

How much notice do you need to deliver the bin?
Same day service.

What materials can I NOT put in the bin?
Mixed waste loads cannot contain any hazardous waste or dirt, brick and concrete. Clean fill loads cannot contain any mixed waste.

What is clean fill?
Clean fill is considered dirt, grass, topsoil (all of which may be mixed together) It can also be clean concrete only or clean asphalt only

I'm doing a big clean up around my house, what can I put in the bin?
Mixed household clean up includes everything and the kitchen sink!  Nothing hazardous (paints, solvents, chemicals)

Where does the waste go after you pick it up?
Your waste comes back to our separation and recycling facility where any recyclable material is separated from the garbage.  The remainder is bulked and sent directly to various landfills.

What is the cost to rent a bin?
Cost varies on the size of the container as well as the material which you fill it with. 
All bins are flat rate, cost varies on the size of the bin.  Please refer to the Bin Rental and Rates page.

How many days can I keep the bin? Is there an extra cost if I need it for longer?
Usually containers are placed on a 4-5 day schedule. 
Arrangements can be made to keep the container longer if needed.
Typically a daily rental rate does not trigger until after 7 days.

How do I know what size bin I need?
All bin dimension are explained in detail on the Bin Rental and Rates page. For assistance or suggestions, please call or email our office.

What are your payment methods?
We accept all forms of payment VISA, M/C, CASH.
All flat rate containers are paid upon drop off.

What are your hours of operation?
We are open from 6 am to 6pm Monday to Friday,  6am to 2pm Saturday

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